Proven Methods to Seduce the Chick You Desire - Become a Suave Guy With All the Answers

There is a certain type of man who is able to easily seduce women. You have seen versions of him on TV in many roles. Think of James Bond; he is the guy that easily strolls in the room and effortlessly seems to attract all the women. This amazing way to seduce chicks is something that I think almost all guys would like to have. Even if all they desire is a monogamous relationship with one special girl. The good thing is you actually can get this skill.

Methods to seduce the chick you desire

What makes that guy special? What makes him able to attract and seduce women so effortlessly? What is the secret of his success? Well it is really a combination of things that this guy does that creates almost an aura of attraction around him. You could call it charisma. It is part body language. Partially the way he carries himself, as if to say, "I am important and all of you had better realize how attractive and important I am" The initial reaction you get is a desire to be him from the guys and wanting to be with him from the women. His seduction and attraction skills are very powerful.

A strong approach is only half of the battle toward attracting women

So this magnetic charisma is only a part of it. Once you actually talk to people you have to continue to display this bravado and ability to charm and seduce those around you. Again this is a combination of talents to achieve the full package of a master seducer. Charisma, body language, charm and the rest are still needed for your attraction to be a success. But know you need a little more. You need the confidence, serenity, a great wit and an ease with people

How can a normal guy have such seduction skills

You may think that these are all hard things to achieve but the truth of the matter is that they are not. It is not very hard to get them if you know the way. To be attractive and a master seducer, all you have to do is learn what women want and learn the ways to give it to them. Basically learn the ways to control your actions to display everything I spoke of above.

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